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We utilize our extensive background in health risk assessment to provide the following services.

Expert Review

Dr. Gibb has expertise in epidemiology and health risk assessment. He has developed reports for clients on a variety of topics including asbestos, chromium, arsenic, cobalt, phthalates, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), various insecticides and pesticides including aldrin/dieldrin and glyphosate, and cyclic anhydrides. Dr. Gibb and his team have conducted large-scale literature reviews examining various health effects. Dr. Gibb's reports have been used by governments, international organizations, and private clients. Dr. Gibb has provided testimony in litigation matters and before the U.S. Senate. He regularly provides peer review of journal articles and government documents.

  • Review and quality ranking of epidemiologic studies on phthalates
  • Chaired peer review of studies on the carcinogenicity of beryllium
  • Member of multiple international review boards on chemical risk assessments
  • Reviewed government document on the risks from methylmercury in commercial fish products
  • Project manager for the review of evidence on the antimicrobial resistance of triclosan
  • Review of studies on mercury exposure to artisanal and small scale gold miners

Study design and conduct, data analysis, and reporting

Gibb Epidemiology Consulting will design and conduct epidemiology studies, biomarker studies, and exposure studies including preparation of Institutional Review Board documents, data collection, data analysis, and preparation of reports and journal articles. Analysis of data sets is done using sophisticated software programs including SAS. Gibb Epidemiology will arrange for laboratory analysis of biologic samples. Examples include:

  • Hair analysis of mercury among residents of a population living in a fishing area
  • Cohort mortality study of chromate production workers
  • Proportionate mortality ratio analysis of workers in nuclear facilities
  • Statistical analysis of variables affecting odor near a confined animal feeding operation

Education and Training

Dr. Gibb has conducted training on a variety of health risk assessment topics. He has made presentations at numerous scientific symposia including the Society of Toxicology and the Society for Risk Analysis meetings. He has designed and presented training courses on health risk assessment.

  • Arsenic and hexavalent chromium – updates on toxicology, public health impacts, and regulatory status
  • Recent epidemiology of arsenic and its impact on the burden of foodborne disease
  • Panel discussant on health impacts from mercury: emerging science and unanswered questions
  • Training courses on the health effects of metals

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